Nathan Davis,
My first time, print drop inbound.
Friends! I am so pumped to see this happen 🎉, been at this for a bit. The first limited edition print of my original collage art. I just wanted to say, thank you! Peace and love fam!
Subscribe to stay updated extras. I'm here for the people. :) Let's go. It's at the printers now btw, shhh. :) 
New phone, who dis?
What, OMG?! Super pumped anytime I can connect with a fellow human. Peace!
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Collage Art + Poetry, My Therapy Fr
–Nathan Davis
Art Drop 002
Hey friends, as we prepare to launch our latest collection of prints, I invite you to explore a world where art and resilience intertwine. Each print, from "Change" to the "We Are Losing Her" series, is a testament to the enduring spirit of transformation and the profound narratives that shape our lives.
Nathan Davis
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Art Drop 001
Hey friends,

As I unveil "Torn up on the inside," I invite you to partake in a narrative deeply ingrained with perseverance and discovery. Each piece is a symbol of our shared resilience.
Nathan Davis
My Art
Shreds, the work of composition, an ode to the mechanics of storytelling.
Welcome to TornFrames, where the art of paper collage melds with the soul of comic storytelling. Drawing from a vast and diverse collection of cherished comics, I tear apart my favorite stories, once meticulously framed, into chaotic shreds. These fragments are reborn as abstract amalgams, a blend of meaning and emotion, infused with a cathartic essence.
ViSceral + ConstruCted
Went through a phase of maze like compositions.
Old stories new
Among the many narratives that find a new home in my artwork are iconic tales from Swamp Thing, Fables, Spider Woman, Spider Man, Star Wars, Superman, Watchmen, and many more. Each piece becomes a part of a larger narrative, a journey through the essence of storytelling depicted through abstract forms.
Gritty Texture
Note about the piece
Lots of vivid colors and motion, the idea of crumbling structures is prevalent.
Art is my therapy, fr
Creating each piece is both an artistic and therapeutic journey. Amidst acute anxiety, I found solace through the anarchistic ritual of tearing and reforming comic frames. This raw, visceral process mirrors navigating through anxiety, discovering calm amidst chaos.
Ailing Narratives
More swamp thing, love how the frames are 'falling' in this.
Eyes always win. It's like 'put a bird on it.' On a serious note, what we see, how we see, the stories that make us up, all relevant.
Beyond the interior
My art extends beyond personal realms, probing societal constructs—from our self-narratives to broader societal tales, all framed 'truths'. The torn and re-framed comic frames symbolize the fragile construct of both personal and societal narratives, revealing the distorted storytelling that shapes our perceptions.
There's a cynic in the act of tearing apart the orderly, yet in the chaotic re-framing, I find a realm of aesthetic beauty, celebrating the imperfect and inviting re-interpretation. It’s an ode to the flawed nature of existence, inviting an exploration into self and societal reconciliation.Each gritty detail—rips, dirt, intentional imperfections—narrate a tale of self-discovery and healing.
This is actually an original of the first limited edition print of TornFrames
Not looking back
Born in the pandemic’s depths, this venture became a path towards reconciling inner tumult, continuing to unfold and resonate universally. Sending love and peace to all my friends.
Collage is my therapy. It got me though the pandemic, fr! I love the process of finding pieces and then figuring out how they can be reconnected to present something new.
Striking Comp
The comics base is not realized initially in some of the pieces as the level of abstraction and deconstruction was turn to 100.
My Poetry
Explorative odyssey
Embarking on a poetic journey, I delve into existential corridors, echoing the Ecclesiastical notion of life's fleeting essence, yet invariably circle back to the enduring core of love.
Manic dance
Verses dance in a manic cadence, flirting with pop culture and casual conversational prose, dissecting and challenging incomplete views with advocacy pulsing through each stanza.
Journey to love
Amid profound dissection and occasional cynicism, there's a relentless journey back to love—rediscovering the magic of selfless expressions of sacrifice for the weaker, the lesser, or the needy as the poetic narrative continues to evolve.
Quantum musings
Venturing into the quantum, the narrative unravels mysteries of physics, biology, and epistemology, juxtaposed against the ethics and conflicts encountered in both mundane and wild, shared human experiences.
Dear reader, through these verses, may you too find a reflection that resonates, a challenge that inspires, and a path back to the enduring embrace of love. I am also pro performance art, so often times I assume a character in my poetry and muse from different assumed identsies or perspectives. Practice in empathy also.
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This is an AI generated image, I often use ai art as an accessory to my writing. The prompt to generate these images is based on the language of the poem.
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