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Nathan Davis' Art Drop Collection
Welcome to a visual journey through the latest collection of Nathan Davis. This series showcases nine unique giclée prints, each embodying a narrative of transformation, resilience, and the enduring power of storytelling.
A journey through personal evolution, "Change" reflects on inner growth amidst global upheaval.
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Playing God
Delving into themes of creation and control, this piece invites a contemplation on the boundaries of influence.
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War Torn
Capturing conflict and resilience, "War Torn" echoes the beauty found in destruction.
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Broken Institutions
A reflection on societal failures, portraying feelings of isolation and the need for systemic change.
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Can't Stop Calculating
A homage to Dr. Manhattan, exploring existential themes and the vastness of existence.
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We're Losing Her (4pc)
A homage to Dr. Manhattan, exploring existential themes and the vastness of existence. You can also buy these individually.
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The Artistic Process: Creation and Catharsis
Every piece of art begins with a story, and "Torn up on the inside" is no exception. The process starts with the careful collection of comic pages, each chosen for the emotions they evoke and the stories they've told. This initial stage is meditative, a preparation for the transformation to come. It's a feeling or an intrigue that guides the selection process. One that evolves of course. :) 
Note about the piece
Premium Quality
The giclee print and archival matte make this limited piece premium.
The Heart: Tearing and Assembling
In the heart of the studio, the act of tearing these comics is both visceral and cathartic. Each rip, each tear is a release, an echo of personal struggles and triumphs. It's a physical manifestation of breaking down old narratives to create something new. As these shreds of paper find their place on the canvas, they're not just forming an image; they're weaving a new tale, one that resonates with the deep-seated emotions and experiences of the artist.
The original is topographical in its texture, scuffing and tearing and scratching intentional :) 
If you look close you'll find dirt from the garage / studio floor :) 
The Soul: Creating Harmony from Chaos
The process of assembling these torn pieces is intense and intuitive. It's about finding harmony in chaos, creating a cohesive whole from fragments. This stage is a dance of colors, textures, and emotions, each piece meticulously placed to contribute to the larger narrative. The artwork gradually takes shape, evolving into a visual representation of resilience and rebirth.
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